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Ensuring all of the hard work and care you have put into your life is honored is one of the most significant considerations one can make. From planning for the care of your family members or taking steps to make sure your assets are handled how you would have wanted them to be, forming a quality estate plan can be one of the most beneficial endeavors one can undertake in their lifetime. While it may not be an enjoyable consideration to process and work on, the peace of mind that comes with having one at the ready is priceless.

While it is never too early to start on an estate plan, there may come a time when it is too late. By getting in touch with an estate planning attorney in San Francisco, CA, as soon as you feel ready, you can find the reassurance that your assets and loved ones will be well taken care of in the event of a tragedy. At Quaranto Law, we take pride in the level of care and compassion we offer every client who seeks our estate planning services. So, regardless of your estate planning needs, from basic information to more complex wills and trusts, trust us to support you through the estate planning process.

Why Hire An Estate Planning Attorney?

A common question we encounter is the question of why hire an estate planning attorney when a quick search online will yield countless results promising a quick and comprehensive solution. While these offers may sound enticing, they are very often far less effective than they boast of being. Since estate planning rules and regulations are tailored by the federal government along with each state and very often the counties within them, a generalized solution like those found online is seldom valid when the time comes to execute it.

For comprehensive and detailed service in San Francisco, the best option when working to create an estate plan is to work closely with the best estate planning law firm you can find. At Quaranto Law, we ensure all estate planning documents are created to conform to the local and federal standards, ensuring that when the time comes, your loved ones will have as little trouble as possible, allowing them to focus on what's really important.

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Probate Explained

One of the primary goals of estate planning law is to avoid probate. Any estate settlement attorney will advise you of this. While incredibly common, probate is the process of handling one's assets after they are deceased if there was no valid instruction left before the unfortunate event of a tragedy like incapacitation or death. This process is often extremely costly and drawn out, often requiring months and even years to settle completely. Not only this, but the distribution of assets by the court may not be handled in a way in accordance with the wishes of the deceased.

Due to this, probate can often be a time of great frustration and emotional turmoil for those close to the deceased. Not only are they forced to endure a complex and frustrating legal process, but they may not have a say in how assets are distributed, even if they disagree. This, too, often causes conflict between loved ones and can result in turbulent and emotionally charged disagreements between family members. To avoid this, having the proper estate planning documents in place and working closely with an estate settlement disputes attorney is paramount. If the appropriate care and planning have been taken, much of this turmoil can often be avoided, and the deceased's last wishes can be carried out smoothly.

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What Now?

Regardless of the stage of life at which you find yourself or the level of assets you may have, it is always wise to contact an estate planning attorney as soon as you feel ready. Whether you simply have questions or wish to clear up confusion, or want to update a previously formed estate plan, Quaranto Law is ready and waiting to help. However, to get started, the first step is to contact our office in San Francisco, CA, to schedule a free consultation.

From there, we will discuss your current situation, goals you have in creating or updating your estate plan, and form a possible plan of action to move forward. Remember, it is never too early to get started, but it can be too late, so call as soon as possible!

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