Awesome – I browsed this website to look for a probate lawyer and of the 7 lawyers I tried to communicate with, Ms. Quaranto replied within a day. It turned out that she was indeed a blessing to me. She is very accommodating and helpful. She worked immediately on the issue I consulted her with. She explained very well the legalities involved. Although I have not achieved the outcome I wished for, I am very well pleased with what came out of it. I highly recommend her to those who needs legal services.”– Phebe

Compassionate and professional – I worked with Kelsey first in a difficult family situation for which she’d paired up as a secondary with another lawyer. The situation did not go as I’d wished (through no fault of her own), but I’d noticed her calm yet friendly professionalism from the get-go, so decided to hire her for my own estate planning. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Estate planning can be difficult, but she stuck with me like a champ, giving me time but gently prodding me when I really needed to take action, and ultimately delivered a really well organized set of documents. I can easily say that this never would have gotten done without her care, tracking, and communication. In all our interactions, her demeanor always struck that tricky balance between compassion and professional rigor, interpersonal warmth and cool-headedness. She will be my go-to for anything in the future, and I’ll be recommending her to my friends.”– Maggie